Standard Session


Included in the price:


20 photos

digital files (jpg), selected from among approx. 80 presented

Duration of the session

approx. 2 hours


of selected photos, according to individual instructions (possible correction of the skin, figure, etc.)

Up to 3 outfits

2 background arrangements, few studio lighting setups

Make-up for a pregnant mom

no additional fee – for maternity session


possibility of using maternity dresses, scarves and accessories available in the studio

up to 5 people

possible participation in the session of the immediate family - partner, children

no additional fee

for no acceptance to use pictures in our portfolio

Additional information:


Session days on weekdays and Saturdays

no additional fee for a Saturday session

Way of transferring photos

download from the server or pendrive to be picked-up from the studio


- photo print-outs, 20 pcs., size 13x18cm – additional fee 30 PLN
- photobook – price depends on the photobook dimensions
- gift voucher for the session – no additional fee